Green Pearl Meditation
Powerfully relaxing and healing meditation with energy healer and crystologist, John Corsa
Journey to the deep, inner realms of your mind to the Green healing Pearl
where all healing exists.

John with Green fluorite, the Green Pearl





Energy Clearing Meditation with John Corsa
Follow along with crystal healer and channel John Corsa
as he leads you through a meditation to clear your energy field.
You know how fabulous you feel when you have taken a hot shower after a day out in the world? Following this cleansing and relaxing meditation feels EVEN better!

John Corsa, crystal healer, in meditation

John Corsa, crystal healer, in meditation

Guided meditation resonates through the voice.

If the voice relaxes and soothes you, you’re halfway there!
Check out this minute long sample of John’s meditation

Set of 4 exquisite meditations led by multi-disciplined energy healer,  John Corsa

Entire downloadable set: $15.00

Meditation #1
Grounding meditation: Open  your heart

Meditations #2
Spiritual caulking: fill the spaces left by the chakra clearing with healing light

Meditation #3
Transmute energy into unconditional LOVE

Meditations #4
Create your own Psychic Room

Purchase the set of 4 downloadable Guided Meditations

Grounding and Healing Heart-Opening Meditation

led by John Corsa
with introduction by Cindy Morris

A beautiful heart-opening mediation led by John will lead you into a delicious relaxed state where you feel will grounded and open to healing.

Recommended usage: DAILY

Such a deal at  $4.99 – the price of a vanilla latte and you know how quickly that is but a fond memory.


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